“G&G” – Vinegar cellar

Acetaia G&G

Acetaia G&G – le antiche botti e il tavolo da degustazione

Acetaia G&G

The vinegar cellar “G&G” is located in the heart of the ancient lands of the Countess Matilde di Canossa, among the charming hills waiving between the towns of Viano and Baiso. The way of producing this special vinegar is a centuries old heritage handed over from generation to generation, a tradition that the Grassi’s family is continuing in all details. The result is “Oro nero” – Black gold – an outstanding product aged in ancient wood barrels, an ideal ingredient for enhancing the tastes of your finest recipes in particular and important moments.


Acetaia G&G
Via Borgo di Visignolo, 42031 Baiso (RE) – ITALY
Tel +39 0522 987259
Fax +39 0522 987306



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