Country House

The Country House, lies in the heart of Reggio Emilia’s hillside area (Baiso county – Reggio Emilia)

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Country House B&B opened its doors in 2010 from a project of the Grassi’s family, after Enrico Grassi turned his father’s house into one of the most comfortable and suggestive guests house place of Italy’s region Emilia Romagna.

Country House B&B is wonderfully situated at the center of the foothills area leading to the higher peaks of the Apenine Mountains cordillera, and which soft hills skyline is spaced out by striking middle-age castles, typical burgs perspiring ancient traditions and culture and waiving green valleys inspiring the visitors for relax, outdoor sports, contemplative walks and wellness. A territory rich of history, culture, traditions and tastes, that is what this land is about.

Being guests of the Country House B&B means enjoying this wonderful green corner of the region Emilia Romagna, near to many sites of historical and geographical interest, such as the castles of Canossa and Carpineti, the ancient burg of Castellarano, the Bismantova’s rock, and several other sites of interest.

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