Environmental policy


The company’s commitment

The Elettric 80 board of directors is well aware that, in the current social and economic context, environmental preservation is fundamental to achieve its entrepreneurial goals. For this reason, Elettric 80 has defined policies, programs and proceedings aimed at granting an eco-friendly and sustainable development of its productive activities.

Elettric 80 concentrates all its efforts in improving its environmental involvement by analyzing the impact of its activities on the environment and by setting more and more eco-friendly goals.

Elettric 80 is steady committed to implementing and further developing an Environmental Managing System, aimed at solving environmental problems by following the principles described here below:

  • To fully observe the directives and guidelines concerning the environment and to apply them to industrial activities
  • To further develop environmental responsibility among the firm staff in order to achieve an active involvement and participation
  • To evaluate and to control the effects of the firm activities on the environment
  • To assess in advance the possible effects on the environment caused by new activities, products of proceedings
  • To implement the necessary guidelines to reduce any negative environmental impact, in particular in reference to:
    • Reduction in residual and waste production – if possible – by granting their correct disposal
    • Optimization of energy consumption and water resources
    • Control of acoustic emissions inside and outside the plant
    • Implementation of all the necessary steps to prevent possible accidents
  • To steady improve the proceedings to protect the environment and to prevent pollution by implementing the technology with minor impact on the environment
  • To periodically single out objectives regarding environmental improvement and to provide the necessary instruments to reach the set goals
  • To guarantee that the goods and service suppliers working for Elettric 80 observe the firm environmental directives
  • To provide the general public with information on the environmental impact of Elettric 80 activities.

Elettric 80 S.p.A. is committed to providing the human resources, the technical know-how, the technology and the financial resources essential to implement and control the Environmental Managing System.



Mr. Enrico Grassi
President and chief administrator